Sunday, October 24, 2010

Witch's Hat Cupcakes

We created this Witch Hat cupcake topper with our Faux
Fondant recipe, black and green Americolor gel colors, along
with our Wonder Cream Frosting recipe for the top of the
cupcake. We cut a circle of black fondant, then rolled a cone
to create to top of the hat. We attached the cone to the circle
with water. We rolled green fondant and cut into pieces to create
the belt of the hat. We allowed the Witch Hat to dry overnight
before adding to the cupcake.
Go to for products and recipes.

Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

These simple-to-create pumpkins are made with
our Modeling Candy/Chocolate recipe found at
We also used our Zebra Baking cups to bake our
carrot cake cupcakes. We cound the plastic spiders
at a local craft store. We used Americolor mint green
color gel to color the Wonder Cream Frosting (see recipes)

Melting Snowman Cupcake

Oh no, winter is over...the snowman is melting! I love the
wonder of this cupcake topper. Made of white, green, black
and orange fondant. We used our Faux Fondant recipe found
on our website, Our red foil cupcake
liners, and variety of Americolor food pastes made this a
simple and fun project.

Simple Snowman Cookies has over 60 Christmas and Winter
Cookie Cutters to choose from. Here we used our 4-inch
Snowman and Ornament cookie cutters to create these simple
cookies for the holidays.

Whimsical Ornaments

Get whimsy with our variety of Americolor gel colors we sell.
Here we used electric orange, yellow and green
to create simple designs for our ornaments.
We used our Ornament Cookie Cutter to create these
Christmas tree ornaments.

Colorful Crayons

Say thank you to your child's teacher with this easy to create
crayon box. We used our Crayon Marker cookie cutter to create
delicious cookies. We decorated with a variety of colors -
using the royal icing recipe.
We finished by outlining for colored crayons with black icing.

Baby Footprints

Want a quick baby shower cookie idea. No need to mix colors.
Using our Foot Cookie Cutter, decorate with
white royal icing and sprinkle with our multi-color star quins.