Friday, March 26, 2010

Princess Party Cookies

Princess Party Cookie Cutters
High Heel Cookie Cutter
Crown Tiara Cookie Cutter
Purse Cookie Cutter
Whimsy Dress Cookie Cutter
Color Gel Pastes
Soft Pink, Lemon Yellow, Violet, Bright White
Quins & Pearls
Red Heart Quins, Lavendar Pearls, White Pearls

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ice Cream Dreams

I have made this cake dozens of times - for birthdays, celebrations,
or just a fun cake to make with my children. With just one cake mix
(I love Duncan Hines Devil's Food Cake Mix, I substitute 1 Cup
of my left over morning coffee in place of 1 cup water), my
Wonder Cream Frosting (see recipes at ),
bubble gum, ice cream cones and Starburst candy, decorating bag
& tips & your favorie color pastes - and have FUN!
To create the Ice Cream cones effect, take a sharp knife and
carefully cut down the seam of the cone. Carefully break apart.
Sometimes I mess up a few cones before I get it right.
Just place them into the cake and fill with frosting to give the Ice Cream
You can purchase colored cones too!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pink Princess Purse Cake

Soo easy to make this Pretty in Pink purse! Just bake
a 8-inch cake. Cut in half. Glue together with frosting
in the middle. Frost the cake using our Wonder Cream
Frosting (see frosting recipes). Decorate using Soft Pink
Americolor Gel Paste, #16 decorating tip, disposable
decorating bag and pink & white candies
(we used pillow mints, good & plenty candy (the white ones)
and pink licorice. We created the purse handles by measuring
two licorice pieces 8-inches long. We inserted the handles
by putting 4 inch cut bamboo sticks in the ends of licorice.
Go to for supplies & recipes

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wii Love YOU Cake

A 9 x 11 cake made for a friend turning 23 who loves to play
Wii tennis. The Wii controllers are made with rice Krispy
treats covered in fondant. Handles made with rolled
fondant and cut into strips. Tennis balls are yellow gumballs.
The rest is made with buttercream frosting and fondant.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

ColorFULL Baby Shower Cookies

Enjoy the variety of color gels we carry to create a colorFULL
array of delicious cookies. We used lemon yellow, sky blue,
bright white, and soft pink to create these adorable baby
shower cookies. Visit our online store
to select the many baby themed cookie cutters and variety
of quins too!
Don't forget to go to our RECIPES for simple & tasty cookie
recipes. We used our Royal Icing recipe to decorate the cookies,
along with #2 decorating tip & disposable decorating bags.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pink Chocolate Cake & Cupcakes

Owner, Jill Foster made this cake for a friend's baby shower cake. Frosted two-tier stacked cakes, using chocolate and pink fondant ribbons and balls. The daisies are royal icing flowers I made a week in advance. This would make a beautiful wedding cake too!

I had fun with extra cake batter and made complimentary cupcakes!

Cupcake Brownies

Chocolate Cupcake Brownies

How to Make:
Bake a batch of brownies (my favorite is Duncan Hines) in a cookie sheet pan. Cool to room temperature. Using our 3-inch Cupcake Muffin cookie cutter, cut out the muffin shapes. Lay on a decorative tray. Using our Chocolate Fondant or chocolate frosting, create the cupcake liner. If using fondant, roll out to a thin layer. Using the cookie cutter, cut the bottom part of cupcake and lay on top of the brownie. Make buttercream frosting (see our recipes). Using a #16 decorating tip and disposable decorating bag, pipe swirls to create the frosted cupcake. Sprinkle with a variety of edible quins (we used red heart quins and multi-color heart quins).

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ice Cream Cone Brownies

Delicious brownies using our Ice Cream Cone cookie cutter, orange & violet color gets, multi-color heart quines, disposable decorating bags & #16 decorating tip. Drizzle chocolate sauce to create the cone.

I just baked a pan of Duncan Hines brownies in a cookie sheet. I let brownies cool, then made the shapes using the ice cream cone cookie cutter. These were a hit at the party!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

EGGsiting Easter Cookies

You Need:

•Baked and cooled sugar cookies (see Recipes at
•Cookie Cutters – we have 100’s to choose from
•1 batch Royal Icing (see Recipes)
•Food gel paste colors you desire (we have many to choose from)
•Edible Quins and Pearls (we have many to choose from)

*Fondant (find at local craft store)

Supplies Needed:
Small spatula, writing tips #3 or #4, disposable decorator bags and toothpicks.

How to Make:
1.Make cookie dough recipe. Cool in the refrigerator for 2 or more hours. When ready to use, take out of the refrigerator. Roll cookie dough out on a floured board with a rolling pin (make cookies about 1/4 inches). Continue to dust rolling pin with flour to prevent the dough from sticking. Using cookie-cutter – cut out cookie shapes. If using cookie sticks (we carry 6 & 8 inch), lay them under the cookie before baking. Press lightly to make sure the cookie stick adheres to the cookie before baking.
2.Bake cookies as directed on recipe. Allow cookie to cool before decorating. While cookies are cooling, make the royal icing or roll out fondant.

Royal Icing Decorating:
1.After making royal icing, create the colors you desire by adding food gel paste and mix well. Royal icing dries fast so keep your bowl of icing covered at all times with a wet paper towel or saran wrap.
2.When ready to decorate, fill a decorator bag with a #3 or #4 tip and desired color of royal icing. Carefully outline the cookies with the icing to create a seal around the cookie. Once this border outline is dry, you will be able to spread a layer of icing inside the border to create a beautiful top layer of your cookie.
3.Using spatula or knife, spread a layer of desired color icing on the top of the cookie. Allow drying before creating designs.
4.Using some of my designs, create your own cookie designs using a variety of icing colors and the #3 or #4 tip.
5.Adorn cookies with edible quins and sprinkles. Allow to dry before stacking or packaging.

Fondant Decorating:
1. Roll out fondant to desired thickness. Use cookie cutters to cut out the shapes you need. Using a paint brush or tip of finger, get the back of the fondant shapes slightly wet so it sticks to the cookie or other layer of fondant. Adorn with edible quins and sprinkles. You can pipe on royal icing too. Allow royal icing to dry before displaying.

Hatching Bunnies Cake

Bunnies, bunnies everywhere. Surprise your little ones by putting jellybeans in the filling.
Supplies You will Need:
Lemon Yellow Americolor Gel Paste
Green sour rope candy (buy in candy isle)
Plastic eggs
Peeps Yellow Bunnies
Disposable decorating bag
#16 Decorating Tip
How to Make:
1. Bake and cool two 8-inch cakes (go to for recipes)
2. Frost cake using buttercream or our WonderCream recipe. Save 3/4 cup frosting to create
yellow frosting. Mix lemon yellow gel paste to create vibrant color.
3. Cut green sour rope to create stripes on side of the cake. Carefully place into the cake.
4. Insert #16 tip into decorating bag. Fill with yellow frosting. Pipe zig-zags inbetween the sour
rope stripes.
5. Cut small 1-inch pieces of sour rope and scatter on the top of the cake to create grass look.
6. Place plastic eggs on top of the cake. Place some frosting in each egg to allow Peeps
bunnies to stand up. Place bunnies into the eggs. Scatter jellybeans on top of cake.

Valentine Wedding Cupcakes

A gift to my friend Nicci for her Valentines Wedding. I had bronchitis and a fever of 104.4 the next day. Crazy what we do for our friends. These were simple to create with chocolate sour cream cupcakes, dark chocolate butter cream, and handmade chocolate hearts and piped lettering. I made 250 cupcakes. Go to "Recipes" at for ideas.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rainbow of Promises

Be the Luck of the Irish with this simple St. Patricks Day cake. Go to our recipes at to make two 8-inch round cakes and our WonderCream frosting. Using our 19-piece decorating kit and shamrock cookie cutter - you are on your way to creating this cute cake. Just purchase some M & M's, yellow jellybeans and a ice cream cone - and you are finished! You will find how-to instructions on decorating by going to our GALLERY.

Sweet St. Patricks Day

Shamrocks & Pot o' Gold for the Irish in YOU!

3.5 Inch Pot 0' Gold Cookie Cutter

3 Inch Shamrock Cookie Cutter

Americolor Gel Paste Colors:

Electric Green, Electric Pink and Super Black

Disposable Decorating Bag & #2 Decorating Tip

Recipe for Cookies & Icing - find on our website: