Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Cupcakes

To Create these easy-to-decorate Halloween Cupcakes we used:
Pumpkin: Black Pinwheel Cupcake Liners, 2.5 inch Pumpkin
Cookie Cutter, orange & green fondant, Orange and Electric green
Color Gel Paste,
Green Goblin: Black Polka Dot cupcake Liners, Electric Green Color Gel Paste,
Sugar Eyes, #21 Tip, Disposable Decorating Bag
Gooney Monster: Black & Lime Dots Cupcake Liner, Electric Green Color Gel Paste,
Sugar Eyes, Necco Wafer candy, Candy Corn, #21 tip, Disposable Decorating Bag
Mummy: Black Ivy Cupcake Liner, Necco wafer candy, Sugar Eyes, Bright White
Color Gel Paste, Basketweave tip, Disposable Decorating Bag
Baby Ghost: Black Pinwheel Cupcake Liner, Tootsie Roll Sucker (to create
body), Electric Green Color Gel Paste, White Fondant, Black Edible Marker

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