Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pink Princess Purse Cake

Soo easy to make this Pretty in Pink purse! Just bake
a 8-inch cake. Cut in half. Glue together with frosting
in the middle. Frost the cake using our Wonder Cream
Frosting (see frosting recipes). Decorate using Soft Pink
Americolor Gel Paste, #16 decorating tip, disposable
decorating bag and pink & white candies
(we used pillow mints, good & plenty candy (the white ones)
and pink licorice. We created the purse handles by measuring
two licorice pieces 8-inches long. We inserted the handles
by putting 4 inch cut bamboo sticks in the ends of licorice.
Go to for supplies & recipes


  1. love your site! such cute things and ideas! I want to comment on every post ;)

  2. Cake is looking super cool....Thanks for sharing ...Can you please tell me how you made the bows in the cake ....