Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hatching Bunnies Cake

Bunnies, bunnies everywhere. Surprise your little ones by putting jellybeans in the filling.
Supplies You will Need:
Lemon Yellow Americolor Gel Paste
Green sour rope candy (buy in candy isle)
Plastic eggs
Peeps Yellow Bunnies
Disposable decorating bag
#16 Decorating Tip
How to Make:
1. Bake and cool two 8-inch cakes (go to for recipes)
2. Frost cake using buttercream or our WonderCream recipe. Save 3/4 cup frosting to create
yellow frosting. Mix lemon yellow gel paste to create vibrant color.
3. Cut green sour rope to create stripes on side of the cake. Carefully place into the cake.
4. Insert #16 tip into decorating bag. Fill with yellow frosting. Pipe zig-zags inbetween the sour
rope stripes.
5. Cut small 1-inch pieces of sour rope and scatter on the top of the cake to create grass look.
6. Place plastic eggs on top of the cake. Place some frosting in each egg to allow Peeps
bunnies to stand up. Place bunnies into the eggs. Scatter jellybeans on top of cake.

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