Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pirates of the Carribean Cake

You Need:

2 (8 or 9 inch round cake (any flavor), baked, cooled and refrigerated
1 1/2 batch Wonder Cream Frosting (see recipe below)
Dark blue or brown AirHeads candy
M & M’s candy (yellow, red and orange)

Supplies Needed: Spatula, blue, pink and orange food coloring or paste, star tip-#16,
disposable decorating bags (all found at


Level your cooled cakes. Fill one layer with frosting. Place other cake on top.
Mix 2 cups of frosting with one drop of pink and orange food gel. Mix well until you get a flesh color. Spread White Wonder Cream frosting over entire cake. Smooth with a straight spatula.
Mix the rest of the frosting with blue food paste. Insert the star tip into a decorator bag or freezer storage bag. Snip ¼ inch of the bag so the tip is halfway through. Add the blue frosting into the bag.
Using the star tip, make a pirate bandana by making small c’s along the top half of the cake and around the sides of the cake at a slant. Use the above photo as your guide. Place red and orange M & M’s to decorate the bandana.
Make o’s around the bottom edge of the cake. Place yellow M & M’s around the border.
Using an AirHead candy, cut a thin strip to make the string of the patch. Lay that across the cake.
Place dark AirHead pieces in a microwave for 5 seconds until soft. Flatten the pieces. Using scissors, make a patch and an eye. Use the photo as a guide. Place pieces on the cake.
Make a pirate mouth with red M & M’s.

Wonder Cream Frosting
You Need:

1 tub (16 oz. vanilla frosting
1 tub (16 oz) Crisco® shortening (use tub of frosting to measure)
1 box powdered sugar
1/4 cup warm water
How-To-Make: In a mixing bowl combine the frosting and tub of shortening. On low speed, beat the frosting and shortening until mixed well. While mixer is still on, slowly add the powdered sugar. Add a small amount of warm water until the mixture is smooth. Once all the ingredients are mixed together, beat for about one minute longer. If the frosting seems stiff, add some more warm water. If the frosting seems too runny, add powdered sugar.

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